Hometown Fun

20151014_114242This weekend, I went back to my hometown, yet again. All of this traveling is making it hard to keep up with my blog! However, it is giving me plenty of material to add to my topics list.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I included a picture of old encyclopedias.  Well, in a time way way back, there was a small town girl that grew up without the internet. Ok, that isn’t 100% true. The first personal computer was introduced by IBM in 1981. I was born in 1985. Fast forward to 1995, I’m in the 4th or 5th grade. My rural public school had a small computer lab for us elementary kids and only 3 of them had dial up internet. (We had Oregon Trail, what more did you need?!) However, not many people could afford computers or internet in my small town. The teachers didn’t assign homework that required the internet due to this. I used these encyclopedias to write papers! I spent a lot of time in them. So, when my grandmother said she was giving them away, I had to have them.

Speaking of my youth and small town, I went back home to attend the Syrup Sop. It is called Pioneer Day now. People from several near by small towns drive over with their arts and crafts to sell. You watch cane syrup being made right in front of you. There is nothing like fresh cane syrup on a piping hot buttered biscuit made by Hardee’s or Grandma (none of that frozen or canned crap). You also learn about life in the pioneer days; the tools they used. It was nice running into people that I haven’t seen in years too. Every time I turned around, I saw someone I knew, or knew their family. I miss that small town closeness! Actually, I miss hearing my Grandfather talking to everyone, sharing childhood memories, and explaining the antique tools to me (because he used them as a child!).

After the sop, we made a pit stop to my best friend’s place to visit my horse. My daughter loved petting Bella and the other horses. I hope she grows up loving horses as much as me.

Then, we went to the zoo with the in-laws. It was the kiddo’s first zoo experience. She absolutely loved it! She has talked non-stop about spending the day with her Nana, Pop, and Uncle Matt and seeing all the animals. I’m sure the pre-school received an ear full from her today.

Although, I might not have the chance to blog while traveling; I love making these memories with my daughter.


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