Food Coma

After last weekend’s birthday dinner and cake, this weekend’s 6th year wedding anniversary Italian dinner with cheesecake and belated birthday cupcake, my scale and body is telling me I need to chill out on the over processed, carb filled, sugary foods.

I am so sluggish!

My blog (& waist line) has suffered!

I kept up with my workouts, but you cannot out work a bad diet. I have been reminded of this! I need to detox.

What I mean by detox: Not any special drink or pill. I mean a low carb, zero refined sugar, high vegetable and protein diet. Any carbs are complex and sugar are fruits.

My body processes better with a healthy, “clean” diet. I see better gym results, better mood, mental clarity, and focus.

This week’s goals are to post on this blog more, clean up my diet, and revive my gym results.

I did have a wonderful sea scallop salad tonight! Sea scallops pack a lot or protein, vitamins, and minerals! I like to sauté them in lemon garlic FlavorGod seasonings, a splash of lemon juice, and a hint of KerryGold butter (Ghee would be better!).

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