Glam Garb

20150925_182919I love to dress up. Unfortunately, those opportunities do not come often. So when they do, I tend to overdress for the occasion. My preference has always been to overdress than underdress. I do not have a set fashion style. It all depends on the event and my mood. I could be Country Chic, Southern Preppy, Relaxed Coastal, Hipster, and Edgy. Of course, I am usually in athletic garb. To my defense, I do go to the gym everyday and it is comfy.

I do have a caveat. I only shop sales. I cannot pay full price for clothing. I shop outlets stores, sign up for coupons, etc. You can shop consignment stores for designer brands too. There are a few around me that have Lily Pulitzer. However, most of the sizes are 0-4. I’m not there, yet. It is similar to extreme couponing, but for clothing. I’ve purchased designer brands on sale at outlet stores with coupons and saved tons of money. I found a Saks 5th dress shirt for my husband originally priced at $180; but I purchased it for $50. The outfit in the picture: peplum top on sale for $12 (reg. $30), designer vegan “leather” pants for $50 (reg. $150), and statement necklace for $15 (reg. $95). We won’t talk about those shoes, though. My husband stopped by the Miami Louboutin store to buy me a gift. He loves to spoil me. I wish they had sales. Name brands like Prada and Coach do go on sale with certain stores though! That’s how I like to shop. I look expensive, but I purchase on “the cheap”. I use this same technique at J.Crew, RL Polo, Gap, Banana Republic, Janie & Jack, Ulta for name brand make up and so on.

Savvy shopping is key for my fashion!


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