Blissful Birthday

I am officially 29. I am staring 30 in the face. My husband asked me if I felt like my body was achy-er. Yes, it does! Of course, I’m positive it is due to yesterday being leg day. haha! I used the whole weekend to celebrate my birthday. Hubby baked (yeah, he baked!) me a chocolate cannoli cake.

If I could choose only 1 dessert for the rest of my life…it would be cannoli.

The fact that my husband took the time to bake the cake, level the layers, buy the filling from my favorite café, and frost the side with chocolate; meant a lot to me. All the while watching our daughter as I shopped for his anniversary gift. That’s this weekend!

Then, he grilled steaks with loaded potatoes. I seriously gained 3 pounds over the weekend. I’m also good on eating cake for a while. Whew, sugar overload!

It felt good getting back to the gym Monday morning.

For my present, he ordered the Aladdin Blu-Ray (I have the VHS). A few weeks ago, while he was in Miami, he purchased our daughter a Minnie Mouse and Nemo stuffy AND a Little Mermaid mug for me. I don’t know how he managed all of that in his carry on bag.

My birthday celebration may seem simple to some, however; it was perfect to me. He knows me so well. I love chocolate, cake, and cannoli. He merged all 3! I am always wanting to add to my Disney movie collection. I mentioned the Aladdin movie only every day since they announced the release. Plus, I love new coffee mugs. He made sure to buy one from my favorite Disney movie! I like heartfelt, thoughtful events.

I can’t wait to see what our plans are for our 6th year wedding anniversary this weekend.


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