Confidence Gains

Because you know I’m all about that weight,

’bout that weight, no cardio.

All about that form,

’bout that form, no injury.

Alright, that was corny…but it got your attention & you know you laughed a little!

Last week, I tried strength training on my own. I was working with a trainer to learn about form, machines, and techniques. I am not confident in the gym at all, especially to step up to the weights or machines alone. I usually take the classes or stick to the cardio area. However, the classes do not fit into my schedule & cardio will not give me the results I want. So, I have to face my insecurity to better myself. I’ve worked too hard to quit now. Or as MC Hammer put it: “too legit to quit”.

For me, the insecurity stems from my lack of knowledge about strength training. If I am unknowledgeable about a subject; I tend to be timid to talk about it until I have a decent understanding. I began looking at fitness magazines, websites such as, and fitness blogs to help me. I would love to find a mentor within the gym. However, the gym is new and most people go in the evenings.

I hope this gym endeavor helps me to gain confidence, not only for my body image; but in other aspects of my life too.

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