One Decade Ago

The word “decade” seems to make things sound much older to me. A decade ago I graduated high school. At eighteen, I had big dreams, lofty goals, and plans to get out of that small town. I wanted change and freedom from my mundane life.

Those plans didn’t come into fruition.

I attended college in the same hometown, ran into the same people, and felt trapped. I was so preoccupied with wanting to leave; that I didn’t embrace the chance to find other avenues to explore. I didn’t take the chance to figure out who I was or what I wanted.

I did meet a great guy, fixed him sweet tea, & chained him in my basement. Just kidding! He couldn’t live without my cooking & he married me.

So, over the weekend I had my 10 year high school reunion. I was surprised that more people didn’t show up. I graduated with no more than 40 people. Most still live within a hours drive. I did enjoy reconnecting with the ones who did come. How much we’ve changed, some of those who haven’t, and what we have been up to. It was a very laid back gathering. It was refreshing. I usually dread going back. It isn’t because of the people, I love being able to reconnect. However, the place reminds me of my failures, how trapped I was, of how I never felt like I belonged. Now, that I have left, explored a different area, and reflected on me; I might enjoy going back to reflect on the positive experiences of my youth.

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