Where Did That Week Go?

I cannot believe I didn’t blog for a week. I did not even realize it! I was busy preparing my husband for his business trip, then our family trip back to my hometown. Needless to say, I have a lot of blogging material to make up for my absence.

As I previously shared, I’ve been pondering the idea of going to graduate school for my Masters in Counseling/Psychology. I am unable to attend physical classes on a campus; the nearest college that offers a MS in Psychology is a hour away. I require an online program, which runs the risk of entering a “degree mill” program or school. {If you haven’t researched degree/school mills, you should. It is interesting and eye opening!} With all of that said, I did find a valid online program offering the exact degree I want.

I took a baby step…& emailed an advisor!

Time has passed since my undergrad days…uh, like 6 years! The application process requires 3 academic references. I did some research on my SOCY professors and all but 2 are retired or moved on. And those 2 professors do not remember me. {Figures!} I needed to make sure my lack of references will not hinder my chances of acceptance. I was told that professional affiliation references will work too. Uh, did I mention that I’ve been a SAHM for 3 years? There are always bumps in the road, isn’t there? Hopefully, I can figure out this bump. This is a perfect example of why I regret my introverted personality at times. It seems extroverted people network better. My next step will be studying and taking the GRE. Eek! Nerves going crazy! Any suggestions or encouragements?

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