Let’s Get Real With Fitness Snacks & Desserts

Two years ago, when I decided I needed to change my weight. I knew I needed to begin with my food choices. I love to snack. I fully embraced the 6-8 small meals a day diet. I just needed to figure out WHAT snacks were healthy. There are the obvious choices: whole fruits, veggies, etc. I try to stick to those. However, sometimes you just need a splurge snack or a dessert. I will admit, I have a mouth full of sweet teeth, not just a tooth. That did not help with my fitness efforts. So, I began researching what most fitness experts recommended. Things like Quest Bars, protein mug cakes/brownies, Walden Farms syrups, Artic Zero ice cream, etc.

*These are just some popular examples of fitness snacks/desserts, not necessarily offensive tasting things.*

My conclusion: How long has it been since you’ve had the real deal?! How did you trick your brain into thinking that was “tasty”? WTF did I just put in my mouth?! OMG, my taste buds are dying!

Ok, that might be a little dramatic. But seriously, there is some room for improvement in the taste department with some of that stuff. I try to stick with real, clean food. What do I put on my protein pancakes? Honey! (I recommend P28 or Met-Rx protein pancake mixes.) I do like some of the Quest Bar flavors. I like to break them up into bite-sized cookies and broil them in the oven for a minute. Pretty good substitute! I have yet to find a protein shake/mug cake/brownie recipe that I liked. And we will just skip over Walden Farms’ stuff…I’ll stick to Smuckers, K, thanks. I just discovered Lenny & Larry’s cookies…OMG heaven in your mouth! There is no ice cream substitute, sorry not sorry Artic Zero. I will compromise with Elli’s Quark cheese. It is cold, has the smooth creamy texture of some ice creams. Of course, sometimes, I just need my Blue Bell, or Ben & Jerry’s, or Talenti gelato with some Smucker’s syrups drizzled on it.

So, you want to know the real part about fitness snacks/desserts? MODERATION! I had to learn to say, NO! I have lost nearly 60 pounds, by realizing I needed to just say no to sweets. I cannot have a sweet everyday, or every week even. I had to realize that just because there were donuts, cupcakes, cookies, or whatever; I didn’t have to eat it or all of it. It is so rewarding to eat only half, and toss the rest away. Or, better yet, just say no to the temptation. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. I make a healthy breakfast at home, rather than eat the carb-y, pastry breakfast given at church. I decline the “free” bread, chips baskets at restaurants. I might eat a few bites, but I try to save my calories for the real meal.

Last night, I wanted some popcorn so bad! I have an air popper, the kernels, the popcorn butter oil, and butter seasoning salt. I said no. I did compromise though. I grabbed a half cup of my kiddo’s multi-grain Cheerios. I was watching a movie and knew my body just wanted that bad popcorn habit. So, I gave it Cheerios instead. It was an awesome substitute! I was proud of myself for choosing something healthier. I knew this weekend I would be presented with yummy treats, and that is where I will partake. Just remember, moderation. You don’t have to eat everything or the whole thing. There are two quotes that float on Pinterest that I love.

  1. Do not reward yourself with food. You’re not a dog.
  2. Eating crappy food isn’t a reward. It’s a punishment.
Ok, I’ll give you one more. “‘I’ is the only difference between fit and fat.”

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