My Kickin’, Finger-Lickin’ Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Boats

(That might be my favorite title to date.)

No picture for this food post. My appetite devoured my lettuce boats before my brain could say, “Wait, you need a picture for the blog!” It happens to the best of us…a lot.

I am always in search for an awesome buffalo chicken recipe. It doesn’t have to be just in wing form. I’m talking about sandwich, wrap, finger, meatball, chicken salad…I mean, this could turn into the scene in Forest Gump where Bubba is talking about all the wonderful ways to serve shrimp. Unfortunately, buffalo chicken is rather unhealthy, by the time you add ranch (or blue cheese, for all of you stinky cheese lovers), breading, buns or wraps, and the buffalo sauce (holy cow, some recipes are just horrendous). Sometimes, the celery and carrots is the healthiest thing on your plate. And then you dip those in the ranch or blue cheese too. <insert shifting eyes> Sticking to my healthy lifestyle, I try to find alternative, yet delish, recipes to satisfy my craving. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE pigging out on wings, beer, and sports too. But you have to remember, “all in moderation”. Not having that moderation in my eating habits, led me to being over weight.

I meal plan (not the same as meal prepping) for the entire week. I am able to stick with healthy meal choices, buy healthy foods, and not binge eat because I don’t know what I want. I am unable to workout everyday, and that effects my meal plans. I cycle from high, medium, and low carb days. So, sometimes I will have my buffalo chicken on a Flatout Protein flatbread wrap (I wished they paid me for the endorsement, but sadly, this is free. I love them!), on a lettuce boat, or bed of lettuce. Tuesdays, tend to be low carb meals. That’s why these buffalos were on lettuce boats. I use regular romaine hearts. I find they keep my portions in check by only being able to add so much stuffing. But I’m sure you could use a bigger, wrapping lettuce leaf variety.

Let’s get started: When I have plenty of time, I bake my chicken breasts in the oven. Oven temp is 375F for 40-45 mins, depending on the chicken size. I like to pre-portion mine into 3-4 oz, then bake for 30mins. To retain moisture within the chicken (or any meat), I always cover with foil while baking. So, season your chicken with FlavorGod’s chipotle and everything (or everything spicy) seasonings. (Again, no paid endorsement, they are just amazing seasonings.) Drizzle buffalo hot sauce over chicken. (We will add more later, so not too much.) On the topic of buffalo sauce, I use Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce…it is 0 calories and carbs. Some sauces are…eek…filled with calories and carbs.

Also, I don’t always have time to bake the chicken. So, I will buy pre-packaged chicken strips or cubes to heat in a skillet with those same seasonings and sauce.

After the chicken is baked, chop into strips or cubes and toss in more hot sauce. (I like an evenly coated chicken strip, not drenched in sauce.) Then, top your lettuce boats (or wraps) with the chicken, add a dusting of 4 State Cheddar cheese blend, a dusting of ranch dressing, pack with shredded cabbage, and match stick carrots. (I do not like any form of celery.) There you have it! They are so good!

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