That Book Review I Promised

This post slightly piggy backs off of my last post. Thank you for your comments! I love hearing the encouragements and opinions. I had a lot of feedback from Facebook too. Because my dream job is within the mental health industry, possibly to become a psychologist to patients suffering from various mental health issues, I tend to read a number of textbook type stuff pertaining to these issues. Yeah, yeah, laugh it up… However, there are complete quacks that write on lesser known diseases and continue to spread misinformation. The book I recently finish was about schizophrenia, which is a very complicated disease. Each person affected by schizophrenia describes different symptoms. Even the common symptoms of delusions and hallucinations differ so widely!

The title: Schizophrenia: Understanding Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Treatment  How to deal with a loved one with Schizophrenia by Anthony Wilkenson

One red flag about this book is that I cannot find any credentials on the author. He has written a few books about various mental health diseases, addictions, and (randomly) acid reflux. But that’s it. I find that odd.

I would be fine with someone who has no idea about schizophrenia and found out a family member has been diagnosed with it to read this book. Wilkenson provides the accurate definition of schizophrenia, along with a fairly in depth list of symptoms, and treatment suggestions. The best thing I enjoyed about this book is the reoccurring positive theme that a diagnosis of schizophrenia is NOT the end of the person’s life. The person is NOT destined to be dependent on a loved one. And I love that! SO many people accept the disease with an understanding of “my life is over” and isolate themselves. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of examples of people living independent, successful lives. So, if you know someone who has a family member with schizophrenia or needs to know more about the disease, I would point them to this book as a starter. However, there are many more books that may be written by more qualified authors. I still have to read those though!

I have a tendency to read 3-5 books at a time. Right now, I am reading a crime fiction, supernatural fiction, another schizophrenia study, and a Christian self help book. I take my Kindle or a book with me everywhere, in case I find myself with time.

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