Hello. Could You Explain Your Blog Title?

Welcome to my blog! I hope you are intrigued enough to keep reading this blog. I hope my posts provoke you to comment.

So, what is up with my blog title? First, research each word. What are the definitions?

  • Quasi: seemingly, apparently; but not really. being partly or almost
  • Chaotic: in a state of complete confusion or disorder
  • Notions: a conception of or belief about something. an impulse or desire, especially one of a whimsical kind

This title defines my mental state at all times. My mind is always running, at full speed on several thoughts at the same time. My thoughts seem similar to a disheveled messed. However, as an individual, I am extremely methodic, organized, and “Type A” personality. There truly is a method to my madness.

This blog is for me to actually form and share my thoughts on my many endeavors of life. My next post will enlighten you more on the subjects I plan to write about and my background.

Until Next Time…

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